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How Come The Traffic Maverick Gravity is ZERO on ClickBank ?


Good question and I am glad you asked. So here is how gravity works.

I launched TTM on clickbank back in 2011. During that time I was in pre launch mode for about 3 months. I had about 94 affiliates promoting the program for 6 consecutive weeks. Then as you know, any product on clickbank, affiliates dont like promote it for long, they always like to jump to the next shiny object :)

This is one thing. The other is that the way gravity works is the following:

say you are an affiliate and you brought in 1 sale. Well this counts as gravity of (1). Lets say down the road, you started bringing in 5 sales a day. Well the gravity stays at (1). So the gravity is based on how many "first sale" came in from unique affiliates.

So when TTM had a gravity of 94 it means that 94 different affiliates brought in at least 1 sale each. After the 6 weeks, it started to slowly die down and the only person left promoting TTM was ME. And me being the vendor, gravity does not change when I bring in sales. of course I make a killing selling the program but unfortunately, it does not help towards my gravity hence affiliate will never know that the product actually sells until my gravity goes back up which I am currently working on it.

This is why I am relaunching the affiliate program with a bang making it much better by offering my same funnel that brought in all the sales.

Hope this explains it all for you.

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