SFMF PRO | BetterLinks and/or AWeber are Saying My Bluehost Affiliate Link Is Broken. What do I do?

Inside AWeber when entering your Bluehost affiliate link into your email follow-up; you may see this error message:

Also inside the BetterLinks wordpress plugin on your website, you may also notice this "Broken Link" error:

Do not worry there is an explanation for it.

When you create your Bluehost affiliate link inside the impact network; your link will look something like this or similar:


However; if you actually take this link and place it in your browser; the link above will act as a tracker only; and will then redirect you to the actual link to Bluehost with your affiliate information intact of course.

The link that may look like this or similar:



Therefore; the link above with the long string of characters is your actual affiliate link; which means the system is recognizing this link:


As a broken link even though it is not.


There is not much you need to do. All you have to do is take your created affiliate link that you got from impact network and TEST it in the browser like this:

If the link works and redirects you properly; then your link is working.

This means just use the link and disregard the AWeber message telling you its broken. Also disregard BetterLinks telling you it is broken as well.

Because if you tested the link and it works; then obviously we know it is not broken.