SFMF PRO | Why Is SFMF PRO Better Than All The Other Courses On The Market About Affiliate Marketing?

Michael Bashi has been doing affiliate marketing since 1999 and the difference between what you’re seeing here and what other people do is that other people teach you what looks shiny and appealing to the eye so that you buy their program.

At the same time this conflicts with guidelines on places, like Google, in which how they allow a business to be advertised, or the criteria that is necessary for a business to be considered Google compliant.

See most affiliate marketers go about affiliate marketing by getting an affiliate link and thinking they can promote it anywhere that they want or if they act somewhat smart they create a one page website as a landing page to use it to drive traffic from Google.

However all of those things do not work, and Google only wants to work with real businesses and real websites that are actually running ads promoting their own business regardless whether you’re an affiliate marketer or not.

This requires skill and a lot of know how to learn how to run a business accurately as an affiliate marketer that you can promote on Google without issues.

Now, why does Mike fixate on Google Ads when you can promote your business anywhere you want?

The reason for that is because most affiliate marketers struggle because of all the issues I mentioned above in addition, they cannot get enough quality traffic to justify their business model let alone the sales they are able to make so they end up not really doing anything or making any money because they can’t get enough quality traffic.

And they don’t get quality traffic because they get suspended from even attempting to advertise on Google because they’re not in compliance.

So do you see the Ying and Yang so to speak, of how it goes back-and-forth between what you can and cannot do as an affiliate on how you run your business and how what SFMFPRO offers differentiate from what others offer?

We hope this all makes sense.