SFMF | What added programs am I promoting when I upgrade for $97 (Reg price of $197)

The upgrade is all about adding more email followups to your autoresponder and promoting more offers than just the one and mainly this is all set up through your autoresponder which we had already done for you if you upgraded..
With the basic package you get 1 offer in which we have vetted followed by a series of email followups we set up for you that goes on for about a 30 day period.
With the final upgrade, you get 8 vetted offers and about 2 months (8 weeks) of email followups added for you.
The products being promoted over a period of time through your email followups are always changing. Every 8 offers we vet are used with several customers then we switch them out with other ones.
Remember; we are not just choosing offers out of a hat or by chance or mere luck.
Sometimes we keep offers on longer than others because it just so happens there isn't any new offers on the ClickBank marketplace that seem to be performing well once we conduct the steps we teach you in the $10 training on finding offers worth it to promote.
The list of offers you are promoting whether you have the $47 upgrade or the full $97 upgrade will be listed for you in the email confirmation we send out to you after we complete setting up your funnel.
So look for that list of offers in the email we send to you.