SFMF PRO | The difference between full email campaign series and single email campaigns.

I am going to explain everything to you to avoid any confusion in the future so you can go forward on building your business.

Before I start let me give you some explanation to the major words I am going to use here and they are the same words I use in the training.

1. The List: the potential customers that you are  going to generate through advertising who are going to click on your link from your YouTube ad to go to your website, and then insert their email. these people are called leads/prospects, which will be added to your list. So let's call this... ( the list)

2. The campaign: Each campaign consists of email follow-ups. You can have unlimited email follow-ups in each campaign. Those email follow-ups in each campaign represents offer/s that you are going to be an affiliate for, in which you are going to promote on your website. There are 2 different types of campaigns:



3. Email follow-ups: the automated emails that will be sent out  to your potential customers to follow up with them about the offers you're an affiliate for.

First I am going to explain to you what are the blue boxes for :

So let us start :

You have ONE list .. inside this ONE list , you have different CAMPAIGNS. Inside each one of these CAMPAIGNS, there are EMAIL FOLLOW-UPS 

So let us say you're going to promote SYSTEME, but  at the same time you want to promote more offers after SYSTEME, in this case you are  going to use the share code that is in the blue box titled:

(SFMF  PRO | Full Series Email Campaign Share Code | Starting With Systeme)

And let us put this in a scenario:

I am watching  your ad on youtube and you are talking about SYSTEME, I got  interested to know more about SYSTEME  so I am going to click on the link in your video.

That link will take me to your landing page that is promoting SYSTEME.

I am going to insert my email; then I will automatically receive the full series of your email follow-ups starting by receiving emails about SYSTEME first because this is your main offer.

After receiving all the email follow-ups about SYSTEME, few days later; few days later; I am going to start receiving  more email follow-ups about the second offer in the hierarchy  which is CLICK FUNNELS and so on until the last offer in the hierarchy. 

Now let us go to explain the offers in the YELLOW box ;

So If you choose only one offer to promote and you wanna stick with it; then all you need to do is go and choose any offer you want in the YELLOW boxes, and let us say you decide to choose AWeber to promote and nothing else, so you will go to the YELLOW box titled:

SFMF PRO | Aweber Email Share Code

Use the share code for AWeber and now you will have the email campaign specifically for the AWeber offer.

So let us say if I ended up on your AWeber landing page and insert my email, all I am going to receive from you are email follow-ups about AWeber without any other promotions for any other offer.

I do this to give you options on how you want to run your business. So there is no right or wrong answer about this. There isn't a way that's better than the other. It is however you want to run your business.

I really hope that you now have a crystal clear idea about this. Please watch the (Day 5) video training again then read this email carefully more than once. Write down notes and trust me, you will not have any issues anymore.