SFMF PRO | What is the total investment for SFMF PRO plus other expenses

The total investment to get into the SFMFPRO challenge is $997; (Reg Price $1,997), or the payment plan of 3 payments of $397. (Reg Price: 5 payments of $397). Discounts beyond that are sometimes offered under special circumstances. We know this can help people financially, so whenever we can, we try to help others get their hand on SFMFPRO at the lowest price we can do so.

Other Expenses to make SFMFPRO work are:

  • Web hosting (ranges between $4 to $10 per month. If you choose to pay a longer term like 12 months or more, most companies offer massive discounts. About $46/year.

  • Domain name (about $10/year but some hosting companies offer free domain name with a hosting purchase). Free with a Bluehost hosting account.

  • an OptimizePress premium wordpress plugin. Your entire business will be built on the OptimizePress platform. ($129)

  • Autoresponder service (AWeber) roughly between $20-$30/month.
  • Expenses here and there throughout the challenge that are all optional will run you about $25

  • And ad spend: which you can literally start with $5-$10 per day.