SFMF PRO | SFMF MONTHLY - I Do Not See Tag Added To The Monthly Campaign Like What Mike Shows on Video.

In this article we will address the adding of "TAGS" to SFMF MONTHLY campaigns and why on the training video in SFMF MONTHLY (Step #7) you see the tags already added however when you import your SFMF MONTHLY email campaign to your autoresponder account; you do not see the tag/s added.

The idea of SFMF MONTHLY is that it is a bonus. It is technically not part of your overall business you build with SFMF PRO. That said, some of our members can decide to run their SFMF MONTHLY email campaign as a standalone offer to their list and that is has nothing to do with their affiliate business or maybe they do not want it part of their overall campaign series/hierarchy.

Other members want to include their SFMF MONTHLY offer as part of their overall hierarchy and want it to be part of their entire email campaign series. So to satisfy both parties; we left the tag section open so you can decide how you like to run the campaign.

So for those who want to run it separate; as a standalone; they do not really need to add any tags to the campaign. Because the idea of the tags is to run automations so that the system/autoresponder knows when to start, and/or end a campaign and guide the prospect on where to go or which email they would be sent next by the autoresponder.

But for those who want to run their SFMF MONTHLY campaign as part of their business and add it to their email campaign series hierarchy; the below demonstration can be applied to any of your SFMF MONTHLY email campaigns. And you can apply these tags or any tag regardless what the video training shows inside the SFMF MONTHLY Training on Step #7.