SFMF PRO | Why You Do Not Accept Access To My Google Ads Account?

Google Ads has several security layers before some one can even attempt to login that is not you. (You meaning the account holder from another location).

The security layers alone can take several hours to some times days to be able to get the information from the our customer (the account holder), and be able to login.

Because of this; Google allows you (the account holder) to share your account with someone else by inviting the other party to have access to your Google Ads account.

If we allow this, we will end up with access to hundreds of Google Ads accounts causing a potential security risk to us and you (the account holder).

We do not want access to anyone's account as we do not want the liability of having access and potentially our customer never revoking our access once we help them with whatever issue the may be having.

We are also not an ad agency that needs or requires access to your Google Ads account.

So providing us access is irrelevant and not helpful as we will never make changes or alteration to your campaign anyways. We can only give recommendations and we can do so without requiring login access to your Ads account.

We are not your ad account managers. So We cannot take on this role or responsibility.

Therefore, we have made it our policy to never accept login access or invitation to anyone's Google Ads account.