SFMF PRO | I Am From (Country A) But Currently Living In (Country B) For A While. Can I Still Pursue And Enrol In SFMF PRO?

You should have no issues whatsoever building your business using SFMFPRO even if you are from (Country A) and currently are in/or residing in (Country B).

The only area of caution we would advise for is when you get to Day 10 to Day 14 of the challenge, which is when you would start the Google ads training; this is where you create your Google Ads account.

Before you do, I would contact Google Ads and let them know you want to open up a Google Ads account.

Let them know you are from (Country A) and currently residing in (Country B). The reason you want to inform them first is because when you create your Google Ads account, your information that you provide to Google must match or at least make sense. (They have their own ways of verification in which we are of course not familiar with).

For example; when Google asks for your billing information; if your billing information entered with Google does not match your location address or IP address of where you are (VPN won't help you), then they may flag your account and you do not want that.

So by informing them first, and getting the green light first, this changes everything.

Other than that you should be perfectly fine building and running your business in (Country B) and you are originally from (Country A).