SFMF | I Paid For The Upgrade And My Affiliate Funnel Is All Set Up. Do I Now Follow The $10 Training Or The Training In The Upgrade "Done For You Funnel" Section?

Great Question!

The videos under the $10 training basically walks you through the 3 rules in which we follow in setting up your funnel in both upgrades regardless which one you're part of.

So The $10 training is there is you were to go about setting your business on your own, what is in the $10 training is how we build your business and how we teach you to build yours.

The training under the upgrade "Done For You Funnel" is the training on how to use your funnel, apply the marketing, and start generating leads and build your affiliate business.

So essentially you want to follow the training in the upgrade "Done For You Funnel" Section.