SFMF & SFMF PRO | Do you have an FB group or any group for SFMF OR SFMF PRO For Members To Communicate?

Contrary to popular belief; this is the dumbest idea everyone tries to sell you online as a way of increasing value to their offer. In my opinion this should be an offer value killer.

Here is the Scheme behind things like FB Groups: Product owners piggy back off the idea of  selling you (the customer) the illusion that you would be networking with like minded people to help you get results..

Sad reality; this is not true. Not even one little bit.

Last thing you need when building a business online is guidance from others with no experience on how to build a business. Because they too are there to build a business.

Most businesses create a group whether it is on FB or anywhere else as a way to send all support tickets to the group as a way of solving their customer's problems. Which is insulting in my opinion.

Majority of online education companies in our space don't care much about that side of their business; which is customer support.

In conclusions; too many opinions from too many people can also cause you to do nothing at all at the end.

So this is why we never created a group on FB or anywhere else for that reason. Because we know it does more harm than good.

Hope I convinced you to look at groups differently than you did before.


NOTE: This article applies to both programs, SFMF and SFMFPRO. This does not mean this article must be or is a solution to an issue you may have with this particular subject. We just analyzed on our end that the solutions provided in this article can be applied in general to anything and is not necessarily "product specific".