SFMF PRO | I created my Google Ads campaign and it has been active for several days but I have had no impressions, traffic, or clicks. Is this normal?

It is totally normal for brand new campaigns to not see any traction for several days. However some times it could be because of secondary issues that one may not realize.

First let's talks about the hierarchy of a Google Ads account:

Google Ads account
Ad Group

> Inside the Google Ads account, you can have as many campaigns as you want.

> Inside each campaign you can have as many adgroups as you want.

> Inside each adgroup you can have as many ads as you want

> At the campaign level; you are choosing the main settings and ad budget.

> At the adgroup level you are choosing which ads to run and the targeting options.

Reason #1:
Inactive ad: Now that you know this; it means that if your campaign is active; it does not mean that your ad group or ad itself is active.

So make sure to check on that.

Reason #2:

Budget: Depending on your budget; usually smaller budgets take longer time to see any traction as opposed to a bigger budget. So if you are operating with any budget lower than $10 per day; it is a good idea to try increasing it a bit and see if that changes anything. Also remember; with every change you make; it can take up to several hours for it to tak effect.

Reason #3:

Targeting: you either could have no targeting options selected or your targed audience is very small therefore you are not seeing any traffic. Also remember; with every change you make; it can take up to several hours for it to tak effect.

These reasons above are very basic. There could also be other factors outside of what is mentioned above but it is a good idea to start here.

Reason #4:

You may also notice that not only are you NOT getting impressions or clicks; but you are not getting charged by Google at all. Which means your campaign is not even running and your ads are not being served online at all.

Here are the possible scenarios as to why this may be happening:

a) Your campaign and/or Ad Group and/or Ad are paused. Check and make sure they are all enabled

b) It could be that your targeting; meaning your audience is not selected inside your campaign. In this case, Google does not know which people/audience to target for your campaign. In a case like this; make sure your custom segments are created; make sure you have ONE keyword ONLY added in each custom segment; and finally make sure you have at least 1 custom segment (follow training recommendation) added to your campaign and that it is enabled; NOT PAUSED.

Here is another great article to read from Google about budget and optimization:


Lastly; for issues like this; this is a Google Ads issue. We are not Google Ads. You cannot come to us for support for a Google Ads problem like this even though we care to provide with guidance anyways. In a case like this you need to contact Google Ads.


Here is an example: If you buy a brand new car from the dealership and you run out of fuel; will you go to the gas station to get more gas; or will you blame the car dealership as to why you ran out of fuel? This analogy applies to this situation as well. Thanks for understanding.