SFMF PRO | Can l change the YouTube AD after it has gone live and started?

YES you can however you need to understand this:

Every new AD you launch; Google will go into a "few days" of learning mode. Because every AD takes time to work. No AD will work right away.

The worst thing you can do for yourself is put yourself in this constant cycle of doom where you constantly assume your AD is not working; therfore you make another one; so on and so forth.

Now again; if your AD completely flops thats anothet story. I am not saying keep running the same AD if it sucks. And you won't know that right away.

So the solution when launching a new AD, and not seeing the results you expected in couple days; does not always mean you need to make a new AD. Because even the new AD won't perform well either right away even if it was a good AD. A Good AD also takes a while to start peforming at its peak level.

The AD and targeting plays a big role as well.

So I would say; if you are concerned about your AD not being good; then send the YouTube AD to us by sending us the link to your YouTube video Ad in a support ticket.

Even if it is not listed; you can still send it in to us via the direct link YouTube provides you for your video. You get this link directly from your YouTube account NOT Google Ads.

To conlcude; when launching an ad; Google goes through a learning curve to train its ROBOT/Algorithm to try to see who of your "SELECTED" audience will perform well with your AD. Then they try to show your AD to more of those people within your targeting.

So every time you mess with that; you're starting from scratch.

This is the part where patience; and spending a small budget; which helps keep you patient plays a big role. This way you are not burning through money and start to get impatient.