SFMF PRO | I’m getting a decent amount of impressions and clicks to my YouTube ad but no one is subscribing?

There are many factors that determines this particular concern and I will explain it to you:

1- You are getting views and impression but no clicks ?

This means your video ad is not good enough to convince people to click on your link. (a good thing you do not have a problem with that because we arw assuming you are getting clicks).

2- You get clicks but no one is subscribing?

It may be your landing page is not appealing to your prospect or the messaging between your video ad and landing page does not match. So the prospect in this case could be confused about your offer/lead magnet.

Another important thing to consider: Please make sure the landing page you are sending traffic to is functioning properly. Meaning; when someone tries to optin; they are actually able to optin. This goes back to the lessons on Day 6 of the 14 day challenge.