SFMF PRO | Is it possible to know from past successful students what I should be looking for in views/impressions/clicks and view rate in terms of my Google Ads campaign?

Every campaign is different, there are many factors that determine the performance of each campaign and the numbers you may get.

Here are some basic factors to consider:

1- The power of the message in the video ad and the "call to action". This also involves personality and how you communicate in front of the camera. (We teach you this on Day 9)

2- The offer you are leading with (Each offer has different audience). One is not better than the other. They are just different when looking at them at face value.

3- The audience targeting you choose. (You need to collect data to see the performance of each audience). Without letting the campaign run long enough, you will never figure this portion out.

4- The landing page (LP)  (The messaging of your landing page should be aligned with your video ad with Color scheme, designs, etc).  (All covered on Day 9).

5- The daily budget ( Even $1 more or less) can effect the numbers of your campaign. So if you are at $10 per day; moving to $20/day right away can have an effect on your campaign in a negative way. Hence why sticking to a budget and slowly increasing is the key. Starting with a big budget you cannot afford; and then decreasing; is a very bad move.

Start low then scale is GOOD

Start high then downsize is BAD

And too many other factors to name them all here.

Based the points above, there are no average numbers to look for.

Ad campaigns are unique, much like fingerprints ; no two are exactly alike. Even if it may look like it, they are not. Sometimes we record 2 identical video ads. Then run both. One will do slightly better than the other. And they are both identical. YES IT IS TRUE.

You need to start advertising to collect data for your campaign, and based on these numbers, you can see the performance of your campaign and what it requires from you to improve it. Hence; another reason to start with a budget you can afford.

Starting a campaign is not a race to the finish line. Rather it is a slow and steady race to an everlasting amounts of conversions for many years to come. You must first put in the time (COLLECTING DATA) to get there.