SFMF PRO | Can we have access to SFMF PRO member's websites to see what they are doing so we can replicate what they are doing?

The answer is simply no!

We respect and protect our members and the integrity of their personal life and business. You need to understand that this can lead to harm and legal issues in the future.

Regardless what you may think or do and no matter how ethical we know you probably are; people are not just going to look at a site that is doing well for the sole purpose of just getting ideas so they can then create their own business in a more successful way.

Rather; 99.9999999% of people (which if they had access to those sites of our members who worked hard to build it on their own; and are enjoying the massive rewards which they deserve) this is what people would do:

- Copy the design.
- Copy everything word for word.
- Contact the website owner (SFMF PRO member/s) = Harassment.
- Annoy them with questions.
- Opt-in to their list and copy all their email follow-ups

Basically they would just rip off and steal their business and call it their own. We have ZERO tolerance for this nor will we ever put it to chance.

So please never ask for this as the response will ALWAYS BE a FIRM NO!!!

Also understand the legal side to all of this as well.

As you know; We are a trademarked pending company and soon to be a registered trademark.

We have obligations and policies we must adhere to in order to protect our members; and our brand.

We cannot share any information of our clients, including yours to someone else. This is against our policy and may result in legal liabilities for us in the future.

There is also a difference between you finding these members online Vs. Us sharing their information with you.

On the other hand, you may be thinking that other companies do this all the time. which is sharing other member's information.

Our response to this:
If other companies do this which of course is something that has nothing to do with Bashi Marketing Inc, it would then be something related to their policies and we are not obligated to follow what they do.

We have many clients who run their businesses as a brand to stay anonymous for personal reasons, and we have nothing but respect for that.

The privacy of our clients is of utmost importance to us, and any leak of their information from us could lead to harassment and major liabilities and lawsuits.

Although we understand your intention is not to harm anyone's privacy or steal their business. We fully agree with you 100%

Regardless; we must have; and we do have  a strict policy for everyone's protection, and there is no exception to it.

Our advice and experience which we want to pass down to you if you like to take it which is the following:

There are no magic or secrets that you will copy from others and paste into your business to guarantee the same results; this is not how business works!

Businesses are unique, much like fingerprints; no two are exactly alike. Even if it may look like it, they are not.

There are many factors that determine the performance of each business and the numbers you may get.

Here are some basic factors to consider:

1- The power of the message in the video ad (if you decide to choose YouTube Ads) or the power of the message in the banner ads (if you decide to choose Google Display Ads)

2- The offer you are leading with (Each offer has different audience). One is not better than the other. They are just different when looking at them at face value.

3- The audience targeting you choose. (You will learn about that more in the training)

4- The landing page (the page that you will drive paid traffic to)

Along many other factors.

Therefore; you must not think that you can copy other people's success, because what works for them may not work for you and vice versa.

You have to forge your own path to success. Anyone else who tells you otherwise; they do so as they are trying to sell you a "copy paste system". And if you bought those before; then you know how well they worked for you. Hence why you are here.