SFMF PRO | Number of leads I generated into my autoresponder (aWeber) account is not the same as what I see inside my Google Ads campaign conversions column. WHY?

There are many factors as to why that is. First let us not look at it in terms of there is anything wrong. Rather this can be justified for many reasons. Before we discuss those reasons; let us first assume that:

- You followed SFMFPRO Day 13 Lesson 2 titled: Goals & Conversion Pixel.

- As a result you installed and setup your conversion tags properly on your website.

- Your conversion goal is active and functional inside your Google Ads account and is marked as "recording conversions".

At this point; let us now discuss all the reasons why the number of conversion are not all being recorded inside your Google Ads campaign or why there may be discrepancies between your Autorerespond/aWeber and your Google Ads campaign.

Reason #1: Too soon. 

It can take up to 48 hours for all conversions to be recorded and show up inside your Google Ads campaign.

Reason #2: VPN

Some of your visitors may be behind a browser firewall or using ad/cookie blockers and do not like to be tracked. Google respects those decisions and will not track or record conversions from those visitors. This is why we use CookieBot and so do you.  This allows us to increase the likelihood of being able to track even those visitors behind a firewall via a consent given by the visitor to CookieBot then passed on to Google. CookieBot is a Google certified CMP partner.

Reason #3: GDPR

Some of the European countries where GDPR is law; when they visit your website, they must consent to you collecting their cookies and website data. If they do not consent then they will also not be tracked.

Reason #4: Not from Google

Maybe some of the leads you generated into your autoresponder account (aWeber) is NOT from a Google paid ad. In this case; it will definitely not be recorded and show up inside your Google Ads campaign as a conversion. Because your Google Ads campaign will only track conversions that happened as a result of a paid ad clicked by a visitor whether it be YouTube/Display or any form of paid advertising via Google Ads.

Reason #5: Your Conversion Settings

Inside your Google Ads account, if you click on:

- Goals, then click the Conversions dropdown menu

- Click On Summary

- Click on your conversion action which is the conversion you created due to following SFMFPRO

- Then click on Settings tab on top

Have a look at your:

Click-through conversion window (30 Days)
Engaged-view conversion window (3 Days)


View-through conversion window (1 WEEK)


These are settings associated with your Google conversion tag you created. And these can be adjusted. However If a visitors you received from a Google paid ad that ended up converting into a lead on your website beyond the number of days set in those settings above; then it will not be recorded as a conversion even though it was a conversion resulting from Google paid ad.

In Conclusion

Nothing we spoke about above is a result of you doing something right or wrong. This is the reality of the internet and respecting every visitor's boundaries. And you have to just be OK with some conversions not being recorded. it is what it is and you cannot ever have 100% of your conversions be recorded all the time.