SFMF PRO | CookieBot - Manual Blocking Mode Vs. Auto-Blocking Mode?

In the training on (Day 4 Lesson 3) Mike walks you through setting up your Cookie declaration using CookieBot which is one of the Google approved platforms to ensure you are GDPR compliant.

In this training Mike walks you through setting up your cookies between the settings inside CookieBot and on your website.

In one of the setting options; Mike asks you to choose Manual Blocking Mode instead of Auto-Blocking Mode.

The reason is if you choose AUTO; you are giving CookieBot permission to potentially alter code automatically on your behalf on your website. Which is all CookieBot related but can affect your entire website.

You can read more about it here. Although this is fine and there is nothing wrong with it. But the issue is that from a coding standpoint; this could hinder or alter code on your website; that can make it hard or even stop/block Google from tracking your lead conversions for when we install the Google conversion pixel on your website on (Day 13 Lesson 2).

To avoid this from happening; we choose Manual blocking. You can read more about manual blocking here.