SFMF PRO | Importance of disabling GDPR declaration on your website to countries outside of EU

Even though it is Optional; but it is highly recommended that you disable the "Cookie Declaration" from appearing to visitors from non European countries.

They do not need to see the Cookiebot declaration notice. I know you may be thinking: "I'll be extra safe and compliant" which shows good morals on your part.

However, it is unnecessary and could be costing your business.

Here is why:

People in countries outside of the GDPR jurisdiction; for example like United Stated and Canada, and many others, are not familiar with the cookie declaration and its purpose.

And even if they are familiar with it; they do not feel obligated or even care to abide by it.

When you start doing paid advertising and potential visitors from NON-GDPR restricted countries arrive to your website, they will see the Cookiebot declaration pop up which covers almost the whole screen especially on mobile devices which is the lion-share of any web traffic.

We can confidently say that 99% of them will close the page because they do not want to be tracked or do not care for the declaration. Therefore you will lose majority of them just for having it show up to countries who do not care for it.