SFMF & SFMF PRO | How Come Some Of My Email Follow-Ups Contain Same Content In The Email Body But Only Has Different Subject Line?

This is normal and is not a mistake on our part at all. We do this intentionally.

See the idea is this: When you have email follow-ups written, the objective is NOT to have different email copy written in every email.

The idea is to get your emails OPENED and READ. Regardless whether you have the exact same email written 100 times or your have 100 different emails. If no one reads it or opens your email then it is all irrelevant.

In a perfect world, you may think people are eager and patiently waiting by their inbox for your email. In all reality, no one is doing this at all.

Most do not even care about your email let alone even read it or pay attention to a subject line. The idea is to capture your small percentage of audience who are interested in what you have to offer.

Only a small percentage will pay attention. And even this small percentage; they will only pay attention some times.

So having the same email message multiple times in the follow-up (especially if it is a good message), the goal is getting people to read it.

The subject line is the first interaction anyone has with your email. As the first thing people do when checking their email account/inbox is read the subject line or each email they got.

If the subject is intriguing enough, they just may open your email to read more.

To conclude, having the same email with multiple subject lines, over time we are increasing the percentage of people who will open your email and read it. We do this by increasing the interest and desire to want to open it through displaying the same email with multiple and unique subject lines.