SFMF & SFMFPRO | if all of the students are using the exact same emails with the same headlines and body copy in the followups, won't this flag ESP's to label the emails as spam?

Whether you are talking about email management services like AWeber; or you are talking about email service providers (ESP)  like Gmail, yahoo, hotmail etc; they are all using thousands of servers combined with thousands of IP addresses that sends and receives billions of emails per day.

Actually; according to recent data from Statista, this year alone we are projected to send and receive 347.3 BILLION emails PER DAY!

So when you take all of these numbers and mechanics of how things work into consideration; you then need to understand that ESP's look at a wider range of combinations to determine whether an email is spam or not.

In addition; emails are usually blocked or labeled as spam or JUNK not by the duplication of the content in the email rather by the content of email itself.

If the wording in your email is spammy or contains countless images; whether the email is sent to one recipient; or sent to a million recipients; it will end up in the spam/junk folder.

If the email has good content, and passes spam filters in terms of having good email subject line and a good email body; then it will pass the spam filters and end up in the recipient's inbox. And same rules apply.

Meaning; whether the email is sent to one recipient; or sent to a million recipients; it will end up in the inbox.

Also there are other things to consider which are things like: What is someone decided to label your perfectly fine email as spam. Then what? What we are trying to say is that the determination of whether an email is spam or not expands way beyond sending the same email a million times. Actually this is almost irrelevant.

In addition to this explanation above; we are always changing up and updating the email campaigns which is another thing to think about.

We know we could have just said we always update the email campaigns. But we believe this would not have gotten you to understand how email actually works.

If we just told you we update the campaigns all the time; this would have caused you to affirm to yourself that your concept of what constitutes a spam email is true, and therefore; we update the campaigns all the time.

Which is purely not the case. We update them to keep things fresh as we always test what works, converts, and gets the highest open rates for our members.