SFMF PRO | Can I run a Google YouTube Ad And Display Ad at the same time?

We get asked this question some times which is:

Can I run Google display ads at the same time as my YouTube ad or is it one or the other?

The answer is you can do whatever you want. You can run Google video ad, display ad, search ad, and any other campaign you like and you can do them all at the same time whether on Google or any other ad network.

If we make you compliant with Google; it means you are compliant everywhere else.

It is just that inside SFMFPRO, we teach YouTube Ads and Display ads and we offer both as alternative from one another.

And we tell our students to choose one of the two because most of our students are starting on a shoestring budget.

But you can definitely run both simultaneously.

Also if you are somewhat experienced; what you can do is run your YouTube ad; then the traffic that does not convert into a lead on your website; you can retarget them with a retargeting campaign on Display ads.

WARNING: this is for experienced marketers only. We do not teach this CURRENTLY in our training so please do not ask us how to set this up. This will cause you to spend more on ads and it is not something you do prematurely. Even if you want to do this you need to wait several months until you collect enough data to even be eligible for a retargeting campaign.