SFMF PRO | Google Display Campaign: Not eligible for Target CPA Bidding; Which do I choose?

When you start a brand new Google Ads Display campaign; under the bidding strategy you are usually not right away eligible to use Target CPA bidding. Which means you only pay when you generate a conversion. In our case your conversion would be a lead/subscriber.

So if you are not eligible for Target CPA, what should you use? You are usually given two options.

Option #1: Interactions
Option #2: Viewable Impressions

Our choice is we recommend you choose (INTERACTIONS).

Interactions means you pay when someone interacts with your ad. Viewable impressions means you get charged every 1,000 times your ad is simply displayed or loads on a website that's part of the Google display network.

For example if you go to Yahoo's homepage, and if your banner ad is displayed at the bottom of the page; but you do not happen to scroll to the bottom and you do not see it; this would not matter and it would still count as an impression because it loaded on the page and it was potentially viewable.

You can read more about this here for in-depth knowledge.

Our conclusion for now: choose "interactions" until you are eligible for Target CPA.

Google constantly changing their strategies as well and we cannot always keep up. So it is important you always check out Google's knowledgebase as well for the moist up to date information.