SFMF PRO | I cannot find AWeber Campaigns section/tab; and I do not see what Mike shows in the training?

As you know and as I explain and emphasize on this  in the training videos. Platforms update their look and design all the time. We cannot keep updating an entire production style video training ever time something extremely minor is changed.

But we do however place warnings and updates to those minor changes.

So if you send a support ticket about these things; it is a clean indication you are not following the training.

This is relating to two updates AWeber did recnetly regarding to Campaigns.

Update #1: Aweber changed the campaign's tab location. It used to be displayed under the "Messages" tab. Instead it is now under the "Automations" tab.

Update #2: Aweber changed the design of the end user interface for Campaigns. It now looks like the diagram below. Same exact information and features. Just a different look.